General Terms and Conditions (Cottages)

The Contract

When you submit a booking via our online reservation system you will receive an automatically generated booking summary by email to the email address you provide in the booking form. This does not form a contract between us. A contract shall only arise when your booking is subsequently confirmed in writing by a letter of confirmation by email.

The Contract for a short-term holiday rental will be between the Owners of Lastra Farm Hotel (referred to as “us” or “we”) and the person making the booking and all members of the holiday party (referred to as “you”, “your”, “guests”) under the following booking conditions. Welsh law will govern the Contract. The Contract will be subject to these booking conditions and must be complied with. The person whose name is on the booking form (referred to as the “Responsible Person”) agrees to take full responsibility for ensuring that all the following Terms and Conditions are adhered to by all members of the party. The Responsible Person must personally stay at the accommodation throughout the holiday and be at least 18 years of age at the time of booking. The names, addresses and ages of all members of the party must be shared with the Owners on request. If any individual term or clause stated in these terms and conditions held to be invalid, impermissible or unenforceable permissible by law, the remaining terms shall be unaffected and shall remain valid.

The Contract will not come into force until we have received the Deposit referred to below. The Contract will be subject to these booking terms and conditions and must be complied with. The party leader must be at least 18 years of age at the time of booking and prior to arrival we must be provided with a full list containing the names and ages of all guests (which we will hold subject to current data protection laws).

Terms of Use

You may access the property from 4.00pm on the day of arrival. Please note that departure is by 10.00am on your final day. We need this time to ensure that the property is ready for your arrival after the previous guests. On departure, you are requested to leave the accommodation in a clean and tidy condition. This includes washing up, dishwasher can be left running, placing rubbish in bin liners, and putting in outside wheelie bins, ensuring ovens are clean and free from grease. The property is let for the purposes of a holiday let . The booking agreement confers the right to occupy the accommodation for the agreed period only. You undertake to use the property solely for its purpose as self-catering accommodation and to accept the Owner’s right to refuse access to the accommodation to any person, whether the Responsible Person or guest of the Responsible Person, deemed unsuitable. Causing a nuisance or disturbance to neighbours or any unreasonable behaviour may result in the Owner requiring the Responsible Person or their guests to leave Lastra Farm Hotel. In the event that you are required, in accordance with guidelines imposed by the UK and Welsh Governments in relation to the disease known as coronavirus disease (Covid-19) and the virus known as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)), to self-isolate at the property you will be responsible for the cost of (i) any additional nights out with the Holiday Period and (ii) rehousing any booked guests that are displaced as a result of the additional nights required by you in an equivalent property.

Booking and Cancellation Policy

A 25% deposit is required to confirm the reservation; the balance is taken automatically 24hrs prior to arrival. In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your booking, please notify us soon as possible. Cancellation at greater than six months prior to arrival will incur a cancellation fee of 10%. Cancellation at greater than three months but less than six months prior to arrival will incur a cancellation fee of 25%. Cancellation with less than three months’ notice will receive no refund unless the property can be relet. If the property is relet a 10% handling fee is deducted from any refund. In the event of a guest’s non-arrival without the cancellation of their booking, the full amount agreed for the reservation will be deducted from the card used to secure the booking. Cancellations and alterations must be made in writing. We strongly advise that you have travel insurance to cover you should you need to cancel.

In addition, we have a flexible policy of postponement for up to 12 calendar months or cancellation and return of payment with no administration fee, other than any administration fee lost to us in association with credit card transactions, if a Covid-19 related national or local lock down makes it impossible for you to take up your booking when the time comes. (The refund guarantee relates to the address given on the booking and to the dates of the booking. It does not cover you, or members of your party, being unable to travel due to corona virus infection or the need to self-isolate or quarantine. Nobody who has tested positive for corona virus or who has been told to self-isolate or quarantine will be permitted to work, visit or stay in any holiday accommodation Lastra Farm Hotel for the duration of their self-isolation or quarantine. We recommend that you take out travel insurance that includes Covid-related clauses.)

Number of Persons using the Property

Under no circumstances may more than the maximum number of persons stated on the website occupy the property. We reserve the right to refuse admittance if this condition is not observed.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted anywhere within a cottage. This includes e-cigarettes, vape kits or any other form of alternative smoking apparatus. Those in breach of these conditions will be charged for cleaning plus any damages made.

Well behaved pets are welcome for a maximum of two dogs that must not be allowed on carpeted areas or soft furnishings. Dogs must not be left in a property unattended unless in a crate. No other pets are permitted. It is important to mention pets when booking. Dogs at Lastra Farm shall be always kept under control and shall not create nuisance or disturbance. Guests are responsible for cleaning up after their pet.
EV Charging

We have an ev Charging point at the hotel for the use of all guests.
Charging with own cables connected directly into the mains at the cottage is strictly forbidden and contravenes our insurance policy
Damages and Breakages

You will be liable for any loss or damage. You should immediately report any deficiency on arrival and any that occur during your stay. Where appropriate and excluding reasonable wear and tear, you will be liable to pay the repair or replacement cost of any item that is lost, broken or damaged. Should you leave the property, furniture or equipment in a condition that is not considered reasonable, the right is reserved to make a charge for additional or specialist-cleaning services as required. In the event that an additional charge is levied against you, full written justification will be offered, and descriptions recorded.

Lost Property

Any lost property items will be disposed of at the end of six-month period after the visit took place. We will do our best to contact you and return property to the rightful owner.

Internet and Mobile Phone Reception

Internet is available for guests’ use in all cottages . In some areas the Internet is not superfast. Mobile phone signal can be patchy depending on the network used.

Right of Entry

We shall be allowed reasonable right of entry to the property at all reasonable times for the purpose of inspection or to carry out any necessary repairs or maintenance.

We reserve the right to make reasonable amendments or additions to these terms and conditions without notice.