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The Lastra Farm Hotel, Penrhyd, Amlwch, Isle of Anglesey, LL68 9TF

Booking and Reservations

Booking enquiries by email

It's so simple to place an enquiry with us using your computer. Just send us an email using the link below, and containing the following information:

1. Your name and address
2. Your telephone number
3. Email address
4. Number of adults in your group
5. Number of children in your group
6. Total number of people
7. Dates when room(s) required
8. Any other information. For example do you have a dog, or special medical or dietary needs?

Just pop this off to us, and we'll respond within a matter of hours to the email address you've given us. No fuss, no bother and fast!


Booking electronically

Here, you can check room availability in real-time using our electronic booking system, check it's is free on the dates you require, and reserve it using any of the popular card payment systems, securely and easily.



Some of our rooms are large and airy, some more modestly sized, but all have a unique feel that only age and much care can bestow.


All of the rooms are furnished and equipped to provide the height of luxury, comfort and warmth for our guests and many of our customers return again and again just to experience the sheer pleasure of immersing themselves in this peaceful microcosm of rural Welsh life.

Surprise your partner with a romantic interlude at Lastra Farm and discover the magic that peace and tranquillity can bring to a meeting of hearts.


Whether you're planning to pop the question or just recharge your romantic batteries, we can provide the magic ingredients that make these interludes special, from champagne and roses to chocolates on pillows.


Call us and discover what we can do for you.

Take a walk through our stunning countryside and learn about handling birds of prey.


You'll have the opportunity of hands-on experience as you Walk with the Hawks and as they fly from tree to tree and tree to glove.


Immerse yourself in the stunning Anglesey countryside as you take part in this centuries-old and almost extinct skill.



The Lastra Farm Hotel on Anglesey is the perfect venue for your wedding reception - and even your wedding itself.


With stunning grounds and superb food, our Pary's Suite is fully licensed for civil ceremonies by Anglesey County Council and we can give you the seamless, end-to-end event you deserve.


We'll be delighted to offer you a friendly, personalised and highly professional service, tailored exactly to your wishes and unique to you.



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